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290 Wine Castle at Chateau de Chase

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Gather around from near and far - a story is about to be told...
A phoenix has risen and now resides just due west of Hye, Texas - sitting atop a stone castle admiring the Hill Country and vineyards below. I hear a tale of the castle overflowing with wines from old Europe to new world Napa and the great state of Texas. We have searched Europe high and low to partner with wine craftsmen for our secret cellar selection. We will prepare a wonderful array of epicurean delights for pairing with our featured wines. Rumor has it that there will even be a dungeon tasting experience. The 290 Wine Castle at Chateau de Chasse was established by Mike and Monique Chase to fulfill the promise of a growing season of life - care, friendship and fellowship.

In the end, our story, our purpose, is to provide you, the king and queen for the day, with the backdrop and the experience to create your epic tale. Come by and enjoy an afternoon of fine wines and food while luxuriating in the 360 view of the Texas Hill Country surrounding the castle grounds. Allow us to make you feel special and if we don't: will it be the dungeon for you??

Looking forward to seeing YOU at the castle.

Saluti! Mike & Monique
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